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We are no longer taking orders via the website.

We will still try to accommodate those of you who wish to order through the website but we request that you Give us a Call or visit our Hip Comic, Ebay Stores or our Comic Art Shop Store.

1-760-723-7269 - Phone hours are from 9am to 5pm PST weekdays.

Be sure to check out our new Amazon Store for some great deals.

Original Art for FilmFax Covers by HARLEY BROWN (Sci-Fi, Horror, Movie/TV, Good Girl) Will be putting up FilmFax Original cover art by the artist 'Harley Brown' in the upcoming weeks (on Comic Art Shop, Hip Comic, and Ebay stores).... Including some of the following:

1 Man from Planet X. (ref. FF cover #68).
2 Trilogy of Terror w/Karen Black. (ref. FF cover #89).
3 Rod Serling / Twilight Zone. (ref. FF cover #75).
4 Buck Rogers. (ref. FF cover #79).
5 Forbidden Planet. (ref. FF cover #78).
6 Man From Uncle w/ Robert Vaughn. (ref. FF Outre' cover #17).
7 Metropolis w/ Glenn Ford. (ref. FF cover #95).
8 Elvis w/ Vampira. (ref. FF Outre' cover #27).
9 Day the Earth Stood Still. (ref. FF cover #96).
10 Vampire piece (still hunting down info on this one).
11 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (ref. FF cover #77).
12 It Came from Bob's Basement. ( bookcover).
13 Tom Corbett , Space Cadet. (ref. FF cover #102).
14 I Was a Teenage Werewolf. (ref. FF cover #116).
15 Invasion of the Saucermen. (ref. FF cover #94).
16 Twilight Zone episode. (ref. FF cover #119).
17 Sheena Queen of the Jungle. (ref. FF cover #66).
18 Charles Middleton as Ming the Merciless. (ref. FF cover #85).
19 The Man Who Laugh....w/ Conrad Veidt. (ref. FF cover #74).
20 Caroline Munro. (ref. FF cover #83).
21 Commander Cody. (ref. FF cover #69/70).
22 Catwoman w/ Julie Newmar. (ref. FF Outre' cover #15).

We are continually updating the Hip Comic , Ebay Store and our Comic Art Shop Store so you will find all of our newest inventory and updated pricing there. Thank you!

See our Slideshow for our San Diego ComicCon 2007 pictures.

Be sure to check out our 2006 San Diego Comic Con Pictures.and 2005 Comic Con Pictures still available Here


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High Quality Comics has been in the mail order business since 1988. High Quality Comics has won multiple service awards from the Comic Buyer Guide, a weekly comic related publication. We have over 250,000 comic books in stock ranging from the 1950's (Golden Age) to the 1960's (Silver Age) thru 1970's (Bronze Age) to the present (Modern Age). We also carry a growing selection of CGC graded Comic Books

We have high-grade to low grade Silver Age and mostly high grade modern comics. Our stock includes runs of Super Heroes, Horror, Suspense, Western, Disney, Magazines, Army, and thousands of Independent comics. We also carry Underground's, TPB's, Charlton's, Warrens, PaperBacks, Hard Cover books, Posters, Men's Magazines, Adult Comics and many key issues like Spiderman #1, Fantastic Four #1, TOS #39 etc. We carry comic books from over 100 different publishers. Beyond our comics we also carry Portfolios, Prints, Promos, Screens, Action Figures, Art work, Collector Cards, Statues, Collectibles, Fanzines and much more!


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